A Kid Again

Agency: ZoCo Design

A Kid Again is an amazing non-profit based in Columbus who offers various adventures throughout the year for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. A Kid Again was searching for a new agency to partner with, and for ZoCo, A Kid Again was the perfect client. Partnering with A Kid Again has been an amazing experience and so rewarding. We worked with A Kid Again to refresh their brand, help establish their messaging, and create a brand new website to better reach bigger audiences.

Brand Refresh • Iconography • Brand Standards • Website Redesign • Stationery • Social Media Strategy • Digital Messaging


The first thing we did for A Kid Again was to tweak their existing logo to be more legible. To do this, I added refined "shine shapes" on each balloon and rounded out the bottom of the center balloon. I adjusted the kerning of the word mark, and we adjusted the tagline to have less words so that it could become larger. Because A Kid Again is a non-profit, I adjusted the color palette and logo to have 3 colors rather than 4, to help save on printing costs.

After establishing the new brand, I created custom, cost-effective stationery.


As I worked through expanding the A Kid Again brand, I found it necessary to create an iconography set for them to use on the website and other branded materials. These icons consist of items and elements related to many of A Kid Again's Adventures.


In the end, I created an extensive brand standards guide to help A Kid Again keep all of their current and future chapters aligned on how to appropriately use the brand, how to edit photography, how to order new stationery, and more. In addition to the brand standards guide, I also helped to create social media guidelines and digital messaging guidelines to ensure effective and consistent messaging from every A Kid Again outlet.

The goal of these guidelines is to make it as easy as possible for A Kid Again to onboard new employees in different chapters as they expand to new regions.


After establishing the brand, we moved forward with designing a brand new website for A Kid Again. They wanted the new site to feel fun and exciting, and a wanted it to have many opportunities for accepting donations and featuring photos of their kids.

With this in mind, I created a website that did just that by including iconography, bright colors, and ample opportunity for photos. I organized the website in a way that made it very easy to learn more about A Kid Again and donate or fundraise.

In the end, the client was thrilled with the new website and continue to be a fantastic partner to ZoCo.

Check it out here!