i use my experience to craft yours. along with my core
values of honesty, hard work, and high quality.


I'm not just a designer. I'm a human—a letterer, an organizer, an advocate, a volunteer, a (soon-to-be) wife, a dog and cat mom, a best friend, a daughter, and a sister.

I love exploring and finding new sources of inspiration. I'm a passionate human striving to meet other humans and to make the world a better place. Experiences are what make life exciting and I'm always looking for opportunities to create, grow, and learn.

Sound like your cup of coffee? Let’s grab one!



Experience and Services

During my time at ZoCo Design, I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from Fortune 50 companies, to local business and startups alike. Some of these clients include Singularity University, Royal Bank of Scotland, Cardinal Health, IBP, and NatWest Bank. Working with clients like these, I've learned to hone my skills and gained the ability to offer some really great services:



Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines



Website Design
UI/UX Design
Social Media
Mobile Apps
Video & Motion graphics


T-shirt Design

lettering & illustration

Custom Type
Wedding Stationery
Vector Illustration
Surface hand-lettering

I love love love working with startups. Startups are passionate, scrappy and exciting. They’re always up for a challenge and aren’t afraid to try something different and maybe a little crazy.

Being an advocate and organizer of Startup Weekend, I am ingrained in the Columbus startup community and am always looking the next group of entrepreneurs needing to establish or expand their brand.

During my time at ZoCo Design and as a freelancer, I've had the opportunity to work with so many great startups.