Compton Construction

Agency: ZoCo Design

When BrewDog announced their interest in building their first U.S. Brewery in Columbus, Compton Construction jumped at the opportunity to submit a proposal for the build. They teamed up with ZoCo to create a unique pitch box with a mission to impress BrewDog and tell a story of why Compton and BrewDog would make a great team.

This project was a high-collaboration project within the ZoCo team. Together, we brainstormed what the box could look like, what materials would be used, and how to mesh the Compton and BrewDog brands into one. In the end, we worked together to create and deliver 18 hand-made pitch boxes to the happy client.

Illustration • Package Design • Book Design/Layout • Book Binding


Although Compton Construction did not win the BrewDog build, this project was still a success for both Compton Construction and the ZoCo team. In the end, we won Gold and Silver awards at AAF Columbus and AAF District 5 respectively.