Agency: ZoCo Design

Facilities Management eXpress, or FMX, is a quickly growing company in Columbus Ohio who enables facilities managers to more efficiently and effectively track work orders, schedule resources, and plan maintenance.

FMX came to ZoCo Design looking for a new agency to partner with who could help them refresh their brand to better fit who they are as a company. We were immediately up for the challenge and the opportunity to work with some great folks! Together, we updated their already existing logo and expanded the brand to be more unique and own-able.

Brand Refresh • Iconography • Character Development • Brand Standards • Website Refresh • Stationery

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 9.12.09 PM.png

For this brand update, we adjusted and the FMX color palette to include more colors that were brighter and had options of light vs dark versions of each color. The client noted that the issue with the original logo was that the light blue was not showing up very well on a white background. We applied the new blue to the existing logo so that the logo had more contrast and was more visible on white, but was not a huge departure from the original.

To further expand the brand, I created an extensive iconography set for them to use on the website and other marketing materials. These icons are highly illustrative to match their fun personality. I also used these icons to create patterns in every FMX color to be used for other materials.


During our initial brand strategy session, FMX wanted us to explore the possibility of a brand mascot or character that they could own and use to differentiate themselves from competitors. They wanted something that was race and gender neutral, and related to what they do. After brainstorming with the team, we came up with the idea of an FMX robot! I then sketched a variety of robot versions before we landed on our favorite. Since then, I have created an arsenal of FMX robots in a variety of different situations. These are used throughout the website as well as various marketing pieces for FMX.

In addition, I created new FMX business cards. These cards utilized the new colors and logo, as well as a spot UV pattern on the face of the card.

The new brand was a success for both FMX and ZoCo. Because of this success, ZoCo continues to work with FMX on various projects like designing case study one-pagers, various eBooks, and more!

ZoCo also had the opportunity to help give the FMX website a facelift. We applied the new brand colors, fonts, patterns, and icons to the site and we updated the buttons, call-to-actions, and found areas to implement the new robot mascot throughout the website. We added updated screenshots of the software throughout the site and designed the content to be a little more easy to digest. Overall, it was a successful facelift of an already existing site!

Check it out here!